Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fried Bacon and Cheese, please!

I use an old measuring cup to rinse the children off when I give them a bath. Lately, Isla has been pretending to cook for me with it during her bath, and she makes me the same thing every night - fried bacon and cheese. As far as I am aware, she came up with this concoction all on her own, and I can't imagine where she got the idea. We are pretty health conscious around here, and very rarely eat bacon, let alone fried bacon and cheese. The first time she offered it to me, I told her it sounded disgusting. "But it is very yummy," she assured me as she thrust the cup of warm bath water under my nose, "try it." I have tried to convince her to make me other things, but all she wants to serve is fried bacon and cheese. Perhaps she has a future in fair food. She could team up with this guy.


Pier said...

Must be Uncle Owen's influence.

Courtney said...

Isla has such a great imagination! :) That fried butter thing sounds so gross..