Saturday, September 19, 2009

Monky Joe's

It was raining out today, and we wanted to do something with Isla. So, we took her to Monkey Joe's. Based on how much fun she had at the festival we went to recently, we thought she would enjoy all the jumping and bouncing and sliding. She did. I had a little bit of a harder time with it.

Here is what I don't understand: There are signs all over the place about supervising your children, but then there is an adult seating area with flat screen T.V.s playing the Food Network and free Wi-Fi. All the parents of the toddlers and pre-schoolers are on or close to the equipment with their children watching their every move, but the parents of the school age children are no where to be seen. I did not see a single school age child accompanied or overseen on anything by an adult. However, it is these children who are hitting each other, acting wildly and behaving dangerously on the equipment. On more than one occasion, the parents of the toddlers had to sheild their children from wild big kids, and/or correct the older children for inappropriate behavior. It drove me nuts.

I definitely plan to take Isla back, as it is relatively inexpensive and she loved it. However, I will be taking her back in the morning on a school day when there will only be other small children there.

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