Thursday, May 8, 2008

Things I Need To Do Before The Wedding:

  1. Get Isla's dress dry cleaned
  2. Wash Isla's tights, socks, sweater, and bib
  3. Set tights, sweater, dress, bib in safe place so they do not get inadvertently used between now and wedding
  4. Get my dress altered
  5. Wash my Spanx
  6. Get shoes
  7. Decide on jewelry
  8. Get Earrings
  9. Get makeup
  10. Plan speech
  11. E-mail other bridesmaids to see if they are ready: Are you ready girls?
  12. Buy pants to match Mike's suit jacket and buy him an undershirt

These are just the things I need to do for the ceremony/reception, never mind the whole packing for the trip, taking the 20 month old on the plane, etc.

Two and a half weeks and counting...