Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mue-Neh Pea

Isla loves her Mue-Neh. What is Mue-Neh, you ask. Mue-Neh is how Isla say 'music', and she loves it.

A couple months ago, we went to my friend's son's second birthday party. As a party favor, my friend gave out mixed CDs filled with children's songs. From the first time I put it in the player, Isla could not get enough of it. In fact, she loves the music so much, that in the pause between songs I hear her imploring from the back seat, "Mue-Neh, pea" (music please) as she swings her arm fervently in front of her, making the sign for 'music'.

Like I said, Isla can not get enough of this CD, but mommy quickly did. I started to have crazy thoughts pop into my head like "if I hear 'Turkey in The Straw' one more time, I am going to drill a hole in my head".

We have since bought her a Raffi and a Wiggles CD. She loves them as well. With a three CD rotation, I am keeping my sanity slightly more, but there are still days when I want to chuck them all out the window.

Why do you keep playing them, if they drive you nuts, you ask. Good question. There is the one little thing that my daughter loves them. Then, there is the other thing that, if one of them is not playing, my daughter will work herself into fits begging for "Mue-Neh pea". Since she doesn't get her pacifier in the car anymore, I guess I use the music as an alternate form of appeasement. I do like for my driving time to be screaming free, but that's just me.