Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Little Mommy

Isla is very nurturing little girl. She loves to kiss, hug and feed her dolls and stuffed animals. My mom gave her a doll for Christmas that came with a bottle, bib, baby food, bowl and spoon. This was one of Isla's favorite presents, and she loves to give her baby a bottle or feed it some food. Not only does she repeatedly kiss her stuffed animals unprompted, but she will also make them kiss each other. This all tickles me to death.

Since I enjoy being a mother so much, I guess that I will also like being a grandmother. Along these lines, I figure it is never to early to introduce the idea to Isla of one day becoming a mother. For this reason, whenever Isla kisses her babies, or feeds them, or tries to strap them into her stroller, I always make sure to praise her "what a good mommy you are". Hopefully, one day she will be a good mommy, and hopefully, she will find it as rewarding as I do.