Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Girl

Isla is going through a real developmental spurt right now, which is super fun to witness. Here is a picture of her feeding herself with a fork. This is a hard work, which, of course, she takes very seriously.

While continuing to be a very hard worker, she has also become much sillier lately. When we used to play peek-a-boo, she seemed to concentrate very hard on trying to figure the game out. Now, she just laughs and laughs. Yesterday, she spent a good ten minutes while Mike and I were doing dishes running from room to room giggling.

She has lots of running to do. She will take breaks through out the day to run laps around a table or the island. She has so much energy that she just has to release some of it.

Her language is getting much clearer. She is attempting to say two syllable words now and is initiating exchanges more often.

She has started with the 'no's. When I ask her if she is sleepy or hungry or needs her diaper changed, she will reply "nooooo" in a singsong voice and shake her head. I know I shouldn't laugh at her, as it will only encourage this behavior, but I cannot help myself.

Her play is getting more imaginative and more complex. She will now take her baby doll's hands and make the doll sign. The other day, she took a ball shaped ornament off the Christmas tree (don't worry Dad, it was plastic), and held it up to her baby doll's face saying "ball, ball". She then put the ornament and doll on the ground, took her dolls two hands and patted them together in the sign for ball. We have also seen her make either her baby doll or her bear sign 'dog', 'love', 'Gramma', and 'go'.

She is getting quite big now.