Saturday, July 7, 2007

Baby Signs, Revisited

I continue to work on signing with Isla. However, she is more interested in trying to talk than to sign (see previous post).

I am working with her on signing 'more', but she has yet to attempt to copy me. She will copy me when I make the sign for milk, but she does not make it spontaneously.

This past week, we have been watching my in-laws dog, Bella. I have been demonstrating the sign for dog whenever Bella is around.

This morning, Isla copied me when I made the sign for dog. Later, she made it spontaneously when she saw Bella. So Isla's first independent sign was 'dog'. She is her mommy's girl.

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Anonymous said...

Love it that her first signing word is "dog"! Very much her mommy's girl. And perhaps predictive of future predilections. Her grand-aunt's first word was "book" and I have indeed been proven to be the woman in love with words and reading. Go, Isla! --- Auntie Di