Tuesday, July 10, 2007

First Word - For Real

Isla said her first word last Saturday. It was 'dog'. She walked up to my mother's dog Rugby, and said 'dog'. Again, she is her mother's daughter.

When we got back to our house, she told Bella a few times that she, also, is a dog. Bella has since gone home.

This morning, Isla leaned over her high chair to feed her leftovers to Bella, but Bella was not there. To this, Isla said 'dog' and made the sign for dog by patting the side of her highchair (she cannot pat her thigh when it is covered by the tray). I guess she was trying to call the dog to her.

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Anonymous said...

May I ever so humbly point out that Miss Isla Rose is also very much her grandmother's granddaughter in her esteem for and noticing of dogs. the cat-mom/dog-aunt Auntie Di