Saturday, July 7, 2007

First word?

My mom thinks Isla said her first word last Saturday (a week ago). I am uncertain if it counts. When told to, Isla will say 'bye-bye'. She occasionally includes a wave. Last Saturday, her Leapfrog Learning Table said 'bye-bye', and she repeated it. However, that is as close as she has come to saying it spontaneously.

If she was one of my students (I previously taught preschoolers with autism), I would definitely say this was her first word. In fact, I would claim she could talk. Isla will often mimic words we say, saying 'owt' if we say Sprout and 'da' for dog. She repeats 'hi' and 'bye-bye', though she often needs multiple prompts. Yes, if Isla was one of my students, I would swear that 'she can talk'. But she is not one of my students. She is my daughter. Perhaps, I set the bar higher for her. Is that unfair?

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