Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adventures in Baby Proofing

This is the newest addition to my house. It is a baby gate at the top of our stairs. We have some rather steep stairs, and Isla has recently taken an interest in crawling to the top of them and peering down. Thus, the gate.

Putting this gate up was no small feat. It took at least 5 tries, 5 trips to different stores to buy additional hardware, three adults, and much frustration.

I got this gate as a shower gift. Shortly thereafter, I was at Baby's R Us with my mother and saw a flier that said that for $35 they would send someone to your house to install your baby gate. I took one, and my mom told me not to waste my money. She said that I could install the gate myself.

Well Mom, you will be happy to know that I only spent $25 on two pieces of wood, numerous screws and some zip ties to get this installed. Total savings = $10.