Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The funniest e-mail I ever received (that wasn't a forward)

This was an e-mail my sister sent me in October of 2003. I thought it was so funny that I have saved it to this day. I am reproducing it below with her permission.

A water main just exploded in the hallway outside of my office...which is steps away from the Company's Computer Mainframe. Gushing water and electricity--the place could blow at any minute.
Water is pouring down from the ceiling, right outside the doorway of my co-worker Billy's office. He's stuck inside.
Doble's solution? The maintenance man screamed to Billy, "Turn off your office lights and computer GD it! You might get electrocuted!". Billy screamed back "I'll lose all my files--I hate this place!"
Thankfully the walls are thin around here so I can hear everything.
Then the MM screamed--"Everyone on the hall, give UP your trashbarrels--we need them to collect the water!!!" I threw my trashcan out of my office and my arm got splashed in the downpour...I'd better get some sort of worker's comp.
Billy just called and asked, "Hey, do you have an umbrella? I'd like to get out of here eventually.."

I love my job.

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Courtney said...

Thanks for reminding me of this story - that was so funny! It was such a crazy place to work. :o)