Friday, April 24, 2009


Mike is allergic to milk which makes cooking for him difficult. It makes baking for him even more so.

His birthday is this Sunday, so today I am made him a cake. From scratch. I made this same cake for Isla's two and a half year old birthday, after the box cake I made fell apart when I tried to de-pan it, and it turned out beautifully (see photo).

The problem is that the recipes calls for milk, which this time I substituted soy milk for. On Isla's half birthday, Mike didn't get to eat any of the cake. Instead he got scraps of the ruined box mix cake. Since it is his birthday this time, I tried to make it so that he could eat it. Only, not only was I substituting soy milk for milk, but I only had half a cup of soy milk when the recipe called for a cup. So I just added half a cup of water to that and hoped for the best.

Anyway, to keep an already long story from getting any longer, the cake broke apart just as I was finishing icing it. I stuck it back together as best I could and tried to cover the mess with icing, but I am not at all happy with the way it turned out. It feels like a waste of my entire day.

Oh well, at least Isla enjoyed helping me make it.

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Pier said...

Love the photo! What a good Mom you are letting her help.:-)
Your Mom