Thursday, April 23, 2009

Are you kidding me?

I cannot believe Joseph is three months old. When Isla was an infant time seemed to stand still. With Joseph, it has been flying by.

It is fun to see the ways in which Isla and Joseph are the same and in which ways they are different. Isla smiled sooner than Joseph, yet Joseph smiles much more often than Isla did. He seems more social than Isla was, while Isla was more interested in mastering new skills.

Both children have the same hairline (a receding one). They both love their baths and mobiles. If you saw Joseph room right now, you would probably laugh. He has three different mobiles, two over the crib and one over the changing table. He smiles, coos, and kicks his legs when he is lying under them, just like Isla did.

Joseph is much calmer than Isla. He rarely screams, and when he does, he is usually pretty easy to soothe. Isla, on the other hand, often screamed for extended periods (up to an hour) and little that we were able to do would soothe her.

Both children are good sleepers. Isla slept through the night much earlier than Joseph, but I think she would wear herself out more, on account of the screaming and all. However, based on what I hear and read from other parents, both my children slept through the night relatively early.

The only thing, it seems like, that Joseph has done earlier than Isla is roll over. He rolled over front to back around five weeks, and rolled over back to front today at three and a half months.

Joseph is growing much faster than Isla. Isla has always worn the size that was appropriate for her age, but Joseph moved into size 3 to 6 months well before he was three months old and already is getting close to moving into size 6 to 9 months. Also, Isla had a huge head, with her weight and height usually falling in the 30th percentile while her head circumference fell in the 80th, while all Joseph's measurements fall around the 50th percentile.

Isla loved sleeping on her stomach, and did from a very young age. Joseph hates being on his stomach, rolls over immediately any time we attempt to give him tummy time, and will only sleop in his Amby bed (baby hammock).

They both adore their baths, from the first time they take a real one. I bathe both my children nightly, partly as a part of sleep training, but mostly because it is such a wonderful bonding experience with them. They are both so alert and relaxed in the tub.

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