Sunday, April 6, 2008

Elmo, Elmo, Elmo

Isla's new obsession is Elmo.

We don't let Isla watch much television. I work really hard to restrict her to less than 2 hours a week. Now, don't all you stay-at-home moms who read my blog go getting all impressed. Isla stays with my mom three days a week. On one of my days off, I spend the morning at the gym, while Isla stays with Mike's mom. On the other day, we usually end up running errands. The weekends are spent running around as well. This doesn't leave much time for T.V. The real hat tip should go to my mom.

So, Isla doesn't watch much T.V., and what little she does watch is either football games with her daddy or Signing Times videos. Her discovery of Elmo came about through her diapers. She wears Pampers brand, which are decorated with Sesame Street characters. As she hates to be still, I keep her entertained while I am changing her by talking about the different pictures. She likes Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster, but her heart belongs to Elmo.

"Elmo, Elmo, Elmo" she cries when I hand her the diaper. At the store, she shouts "Elmo", lunging over the side of the cart, as we walk past a large bin of books, one of which has a picture of Elmo on it. "Elmo", again, as we walk down the diaper aisle, and she sees the bags of diapers decorated with his image. We even found a picture of Elmo recently on our bunch of bananas.

My husband ponders over her new found fixation, but I tell him that it is like Cheerios. There is something about them that toddlers love and the rest of us just don't get.