Friday, April 4, 2008

She's a good girl

My mom has always said that when a child can ask for their pacifier, they are too old for it. Last week, Isla very nicely started asking for her pacifier, "suh-see pea" (suckie please), when it was time to get in the car or go to bed. These are the only two times she is allowed to have it. My mom and I were both tickled with her polite requests, but my mom did gently remind me of her stance on pacifiers. Ridiculous, I thought. Isla loves her pacifier, and we already restrict her access to it.

Then this weekend, as we were rushing to leave the house, right at Isla's nap time, Isla got whiny and started pleading "suh-see pea". We wouldn't be leaving for a couple more minutes, but I gave it to her anyway, so I could pack our stuff in peace. She happily trotted away and started riding her little bike around the house. As I watched her, I was struck by how ridiculous she looked. She is not a baby anymore, and she shouldn't need a pacifier.

Monday and Tuesday, she didn't feel well, so I maintained our normal pacifier routine. Starting Wednesday, I didn't give her the suckie in the car. I braced myself for the tantrums. I had images of driving her down to my mom's with her screaming the whole way. I was wrong. She hasn't even seemed to notice. She is a good girl.