Monday, September 3, 2007

She knows better

but that doesn't stop her.

Today, Isla walked up to the kitchen trash can and reached out to touch the edge of the trash bag. I try to be relaxed with her about germs, but I worry about her touching the trash can because of salmonella. So whenever she does this, I tell her 'no' and move her. But this time, before I could say anything, she shook her little head, and pulled her hand away.

However, the allure of the plastic that makes that wonderful crinkly sound was too powerful. She stood there for another couple seconds, staring at, and when the temptation became too much, she grabbed it and shook it and smiled gleefully to herself. Unfortunately, mean mommy still had to be mean mommy, and she quickly put an end to that. It just goes to show, she does know better, but that doesn't stop her.