Friday, September 14, 2007

Life has been a little bit crazy lately

Someone very close to our family was supposed to be getting married last weekend. Michael and I were both going to be in the wedding. The two or three weeks prior to the wedding, we were busy with getting tuxes, throwing showers, getting my dress altered, altering Isla's dress, and just helping the bride-to-be out with general wedding preparation. It had been stressful and harried (and we were somewhat removed from the whole situation), but in the end, everything seemed to have come together. It had the makings of being a beautiful wedding.

Unfortunately, it never occurred. Two hours prior to the ceremony, the groom-to-be called it off. The bride-to-be was actually on the way to the wedding when she got the phone call from her fiance. Micheal and I had both thought that once the wedding was over, our lives would slow down. Instead, that was just the beginning. We have been quite busy since then trying to support the individual to whom this occurred and her family.

Please pray for the former bride-to-be and her family, and for our family as we try to support them.