Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Drama in our neighborhood

Last night, Mike and I went to a meeting of the home owners' association in our neighborhood. Things got a little tense. There had been a meeting in February in which the current board had been reinstated for the coming year. After the meeting, another homeowner took issue with this saying that adequate notice of the meeting had not been given (we were only told seven days in advance that the meeting was being held), no notice had been given that elections were going to be held, and that everyone in the neighborhood, whether they could attend the meeting or not, should have been given a chance to vote.

Another issue was that the incumbent board was planning to hire a property management firm to manage the neighborhood. The board did not give notice of meetings to discuss this or even that it was being discussed, despite the fact that it was our dues that would be paying for the management firm.

When word got out and members of the neighborhood began raising questions, the incumbent board took it as a personal attack. Two of the board members resigned shortly after.

A week ago, we got a notice that there would be a meeting last night to hold elections. I believed this was to replace the two individuals who had resigned, but half way through the nominating process, it was revealed that all the board members had resigned and were now refusing to be nominated. This was after I had told a neighbor that she could nominate me.

In the end, there were five spots on the board, and five people nominated. As I was leaving, the lawyer who had overseen the meeting warned the new board members not to "entertain any threats". Yikes! I am not so sure what I got myself into.