Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Suckie, suckie

During one of the many ultrasounds we had before Isla was born, we saw her sucking her thumb. Then, shortly after she was born, she sucked her thumb in the delivery room. She was sooo cute in the delivery room. She looked around with her big, wide eyes and kept sticking her tongue out to taste the air, and she sucked her thumb. But then, the nurses put those silly mittens on her little hands so she wouldn't scratch herself, and try as she might, she couldn't suck her thumb anymore.

We remained hopeful for a long time that Isla would one day again become a thumb sucker. Gone would be the days of having to keep track of her pacifier and the panic of finding yourself with a fussy baby and without a pacifier. The other day in church, the baby in the pew next to us was an avid thumb sucker. Whenever she got upset, she would pop her thumb in her mouth and calm herself down. How nice that must be, I thought. But I think I need to give up my dream of Isla sucking her thumb. If at five months she still hasn't rediscovered her thumb, I don't think it is going to happen.