Thursday, March 1, 2007

If you see my husband,

give him a hug. I have an unflattering tendency to bark orders at my husband. That is right, bark, like a drill sergeant. "Give me her suckie", "get me a washcloth", "pick her up", "put the handle down", "grab her bag". I usually manage to add a 'please' to the end of these orders, but it is not very convincing. And my husband, wonderful man that he is, more often than not, complies without any complaint.

He does not deserve this treatment. He does more than his fair share already. He makes us both lunch and dinner most days, and then often cleans up afterwards, he manages the money, and makes most of it, he does the grocery shopping, he does the majority of the yard work... And do I adequately appreciate all this? No. Instead, I will find myself frustrated that he does not do things my way or on my schedule (God forgive me, God forgive me).

To make it worse, even though I snap at him with some regularity, he never snaps at me. I do not deserve him. Why he has stayed with me, I cannot say. But I am so glad that he has.