Monday, September 28, 2009

Mommy's Boy

I debated posting this video or not. I have been trying to get some footage of Joseph crawling, because he doesn't crawl in the typical fashion, but instead, inches along like an inch worm. He pulls his legs up and launches himself forward, rather getting up on his hands and knees and moving them forward in an alternating fashion.

It's not a very flattering video of him, because he is fussing in it. Honestly, though, it is a pretty accurate portrayal of him right now. He is going through some extreme mommy-attachment issues. If he can see me, he wants to be in my arms. He will crawl after me and whine at me if I do not give him the attention he desires. He doesn't do this with anyone else. He is quite content to play on the floor if I am not around.

Since he fusses if I am around and not holding him, he is going to be fussy in any video I take. Therefore, in an attempt to be more transparent (like our president likes to talk about), I will post the video.


Pier said...

The triumphant grin when he reaches you is so Joe.

Courtney said...

He has the sweetest smile! :o)

Diane said...

I had the sound off so I'm at work so what I mostly noticed is the intense focus, determination - and yeah, that great smile!! LOVE that boy!