Saturday, August 29, 2009

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Spit Up

So, where have I been the last few months, you ask. I have been mopping up spit up, of course.

Joseph has the most terrible case of reflux I have ever witnessed. Apparently, there are kids out there who have it worse, kids who can't gain any weight or spit up so bad vomit comes out their noses and chokes them. Thank God, Joe doesn't have it that bad. What he does have, however, causes him to vomit 20+ times a day, soaking my clothes, his clothes, his blanket, and leaving puddles on the floor and couches. Our carpets were in bad shape before he was born, but they are more or less destroyed now.

Now, most children outgrow spitting up by the time they are 7 months old. Joseph will be eight months old in a week and a half, and he is still going strong. On top of that, he is now eating solids, which he loves. He easily downs whole jars of strained fruit or vegetables. The problem, though, is that his spit up is no longer the clear slimy stuff with streaks of white in it. No, now it is bright green, or orange, or dark brown depending on his most recent meal. The clear/white stuff could be wiped off your shirt and would only leave behind a shadow of the former mess. The baby food vomit leaves neon stains that shout, yes I am covered in my child's bodily fluids, how are you.

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Anonymous said...

Mary - you are an amazing writer and an even more amazing mama. I am so sorry for all concerned that Joe's tummy is not his friend! Orange vomit and all, i'll be very grateful to see you all next weekend. Hang in there!

Aunt Diane