Monday, August 13, 2007

Starring herself!

Warning: Watching this video might make you feel sick.

Isla loves this video. At my parents' house, she loves to watch the slideshow of pictures that is my mom's screen saver. So the other day, when I was sitting at my computer, she came over to me and reached up to sit in my lap. When I picked her up, she pointed to the screen and signed 'more'. I started to show her the pictures in my Picasa program and came across this very poorly done video I took a couple of months ago. In it, she is straining to get the camera as I am trying to hold it out of her reach and film her.

The shakiness of the camera made me feel slightly ill, but Isla loved it. She leaned forward with her mouth open, and enthusiastically signed 'more' when it ended. After the second time she watched it, she whispered 'da da da' and again signed 'more'.

We have now watched it a number of times, and she continues to ask for more. Does she know that it is her in the video, or does she just enjoy seeing the baby? I don't know.