Sunday, July 29, 2007

Memories of our Trip

I started this post earlier, but did not get to finish it. Here are some of the things that happened on our trip to New York / Pennsylvania that I do not want to forget:

1) Isla's first cookie. On the plane ride up, I gave Isla one of the Biscoff cookies the flight attendant was passing out. She devoured it with an earnestness that is so typical of Isla.

2) Isla under her blanket. To keep Isla entertained on the flight, I engaged her in a game of peek-a-boo in which I would place her blanket over her head and ask where she went. Isla found this wildly amusing. After the fourth or fifth time, I placed the blanket over her head, and she sat there chuckling in anticipation. Just the thought of that little blanket shaking up and down and giggling makes me smile.

3) Isla tells a jokey. On the first night of our trip, we ended up changing rooms after finding ants on our bed. In my haste to pack everything up, I placed a bunch of dirty bottles in a small plastic bag. Isla found this bag and determined it was the perfect size for her to carry. I had left the door open as Mike was taking our stuff out to the car, and Isla was walking back and forth between my parents room across the hall and ours with her bag. On one of these trip, she took a sharp turn and started walking down the hall. When I called her to come back, she placed her free hand behind her back, waved good-bye and kept walking. I had to run after her to catch her, and she thought this was very funny.