Monday, June 25, 2007

It must be love

Isla Rose is a good sleeper. She rarely wakes up in the middle of the night, but when she does, I do not groan and try to convince my husband to get her. I rush down the hall to her.

You see, Isla Rose is at her sweetest in the middle of the night. I will find her sitting up in her crib crying, with her eyes still closed. I will scoop her up, give her her suckie and hold her close. She will wrap one of her arms around mine and rest the other on my chest. She will rest her head on my shoulder, and as I rock her back to sleep, she will suck intently on her pacifier. Within minutes, the sucking will subside, and her entire body will relax.

Well after she has fallen back asleep, I will continue to sit there, rocking her. I will feel her sweet breath on my neck and hug her soft squishy body. In the stillness, I will hope that she will stay small for just a while longer.