Sunday, June 24, 2007

Everyone loves the baby

Today at mass, a woman with her two teenage children sat next to us. The mother clicked her tongue and tickled Isla's feet. Before long, Isla threw herself at the nice lady who graciously accepted her.

Later in mass, Isla got restless, so Mike took her out to walk around the Narthex. When Mike returned, he told me that two small girls had been playing with Isla. After communion, we returned to the Narthex to wait for the final blessing, and the two girls rushed up to Isla and began fussing over her.

After mass, we went to Kohl's so I could buy a new pair of jeans (I am too large for my old pairs). While we were walking through the store, one of the employees stopped Mike and gushed over Isla for a few good minutes. Then, when we were checking out, a man and woman walking by stopped to wave at Isla and tell her how beautiful she is.

Like I said, everybody loves the baby. Honestly, I can't blame them.