Friday, April 13, 2007

Still Growing

Isla continues to amaze me with her development. She now independently pulls herself up into a standing position in her crib. She also initiates playing games. She places objects in other people's mouths and laughs if they bite the object or make eating noises. She plays peek-a-boo by holding a blanket or cloth diaper over her face and then pulling it down. She plays a splashing game in the tub where she smacks the water repeatedly and then waits for the other person to do the same. If you don't splash or you stop splashing, she grabs your fingers and tries to make you splash.

Of course, she is not advanced across the board. Her imitation skills still lag behind. By now, if someone makes a sound or performs an action that is already in her repertoire, she is supposed to copy them. She doesn't. Her eating skills are also delayed. She still gags on her food and doesn't even attempt to pull food off the spoon with her lips.