Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ten tiny finger and ten tiny toe-nails

Despite my best efforts to keep them short, I constantly find that Isla needs her nails trimmed. When I do trim them, I cut them as short as I can, often causing one or two to bleed. Even then, in as little as a week's time, I notice her scratching herself or me again. Perhaps cutting them so short is making them grow faster. More likely, this is just a battle every parent faces.

I actually don't mind trimming her nails (except for the occasional guilt I feel for making her bleed). The only problem is finding the opportunity to accomplish this task. You see, Isla is a very active girl, and trimming her nails while she is awake is not an option. However, lately she has been falling asleep in my arms less often and waking more easily if I moved.

Nevertheless, last night she fell asleep while I was giving her her bottle. On top of that, she was not wearing her footed pajamas, so I could access her toes without totally undressing her. Thus, I was able to trim her finger and toenails. Mission accomplished. Until next week, that is.